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(Using QGIS Core Plugins)
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Using QGIS Core Plugins

QGIS currently contains 19 core plugins that can be loaded using the Plugin Manager. Table 5 lists each of the core plugins along with a description of their purpose and the toolbar-icon.

表 5: QGIS Core Plugins
Icon Plugin Description

Delimited text.png

Add Delimited Text Layer Loads and displays delimited text files containing x,y coordinates

Coordinate capture.png

Coordinate Capture Capture mouse coordinate in different CRS

Copyright label.png

Copyright Label Draws a copyright label with information

Diagram overlay.png

Diagram Overlay Place charts (pie or bar) or proportional symbols over vector layers

Dxf2shp converter.png

DXF2Shape Converter Converts from DXF to SHP file format


fTools A suite of analysis, geometry, geoprocessing, and research tools

Gps importer.png

GPS Tools Tools for loading and importing GPS data


GRASS Activates the mighty GRASS Toolbox


Georeferencer Adding projection info to Rasterfiles


Interpolation plugin Interpolation on base of vertices of a vector layer

Mapserver export.png

MapServer Export Plugin Export a saved QGIS project file to a MapServer map file

North arrow.png

North Arrow Displays a north arrow overlayed onto the map

Ogr converter.png

OGR Layer Converter Translate vector layers between OGR suported formats

Oracle raster.png

Oracle Georaster Access Oracle Spatial GeoRasters

Plugin installer.png

Plugin Installer Downloads and installs QGIS python plugins


SPIT Shapefile to PostgreSQL/PostGIS Import Tool

Quick print.png

Qucik Print Quickly print a map with minimal effort

Scale bar.png

Scalebar Draws a scale bar


WFS Load and display WFS layer

Tip 43 Plugins Settings Saved to Project

When you save a .qgs project, any changes you have made to NorthArrow, ScaleBar and Copyright plugins will be saved in the project and restored next time you load the project.