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Using QGIS Core Plugins

QGIS currently contains 19 core plugins that can be loaded using the Plugin Manager. Table <A HREF="#tab:core_plugins">5</A> lists each of the core plugins along with a description of their purpose and the toolbar-icon. <P>

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Table 5: QGIS Core Plugins
Icon Plugin Description


Add Delimited Text Layer <A NAME="16"></A> Loads and displays delimited text files containing x,y coordinates


Coordinate Capture <A NAME="18"></A> Capture mouse coordinate in different CRS


Copyright Label <A NAME="20"></A> Draws a copyright label with information


Diagram Overlay <A NAME="22"></A> Place charts (pie or bar) or proportional symbols over vector layers


DXF2Shape Converter <A NAME="24"></A> Converts from DXF to SHP file format

[width=0.6cm, height=0.6cm]ftoolslogo

fTools <A NAME="26"></A> A suite of analysis, geometry, geoprocessing, and research tools


GPS Tools <A NAME="28"></A> Tools for loading and importing GPS data


GRASS <A NAME="30"></A> Activates the mighty GRASS Toolbox


Georeferencer <A NAME="32"></A> Adding projection info to Rasterfiles


Interpolation plugin <A NAME="34"></A> Interpolation on base of vertices of a vector layer


MapServer Export Plugin <A NAME="36"></A> Export a saved QGIS project file to a MapServer map file


North Arrow <A NAME="38"></A> Displays a north arrow overlayed onto the map


OGR Layer Converter <A NAME="40"></A> Translate vector layers between OGR suported formats


Oracle Georaster <A NAME="42"></A> Access Oracle Spatial GeoRasters


Plugin Installer <A NAME="44"></A> Downloads and installs QGIS python plugins


SPIT <A NAME="46"></A> Shapefile to PostgreSQL/PostGIS Import Tool


Qucik Print <A NAME="48"></A> Quickly print a map with minimal effort


Scalebar <A NAME="50"></A> Draws a scale bar


WFS Load and display WFS layer

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