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This is a growing material collection for the MEXT project (MEXT site)

Daily test packages of winGRASS can be downloaded at:

GRASS and QGIS internationalisation




Orfeo toolbox:

MODIS processing:

  • Paper: Estimating Daily Land Surface Temperatures in Mountainous Environments by Reconstructed MODIS LST Data (PDF)

Radar theory:



  • open-source community-based tools for learning


Remote sensing

Data Sources


Atmospheric correction

Status: GRASS 6 uses a C++ port (i.atcorr) of the NASA 6S Software (new site). Some new sensors have been added with respect to the original NASA version. Some still have to be added for the MEXT project (requires knowledge of the spectral band filter functions).

  • LANDSAT: done, available in GRASS GIS 6.4.0
  • MODIS: done, available in GRASS GIS 6.4.0
  • ASTER: done, available in GRASS GIS 6.4.1
  • ALOS-AVNIR: done, available in GRASS GIS 6.4.1
  • ALOS-PRISM: todo (need filter functions as spreadsheet table or CSV) - see this paper for potential contact to obtain needed information

i.atcorr Tutorial: see here

Todo List

GRASS command list using tutorial

Further suggestions

  • More commands:
    • i.atcorr: atmospheric correction
    • r.series: for MODIS (and other) time series analysis including averaging, linear regression etc.
    • r.mapcalc: for vegetation index calculation (Landsat, Aster) and conversion of encoded thermal channel to degree Celsius

Note: Enable translation of this Wiki page

Suggestion to install the Mediawiki Polyglot extension as translation support (see GRASS Wiki for example, left language selection box is automatically created if a translated page is present)

Idea for GY 2010

Please add any ideas and comments for plan of GY 2010

Improve FOSS4G tools

Tutorials for several disciplines

Target users:

  • Environmental applications
  • Public Administration
  • Young users
  • Academia
  • Humanitarian Disaster

Make E-Learning material for basic of GIS/RS

  • Translate much of the available material, see above

Status of GY 2010 activity