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=== Tutorials ===
=== Tutorials ===
* todo
* Available tutorials:
** [http://www.rscc.umn.edu/ Remote Sensing Core Curriculum] (license: unclear - public domain?)
** [http://www.ccrs.nrcan.gc.ca/resource/index_e.php Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Remote Sensing Tutorials] (license: non-commercial use; unaltered copy)
=== E-Learning/CMS ===
=== E-Learning/CMS ===

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.... todo.... This is a growing material collection for the MEXT project.

Link collection

GRASS and QGIS internationalisation




  • Moodle.org: open-source community-based tools for learning

Remote sensing


Todo List

GRASS command list using tutorial

Further suggestions

    • i.atcorr: atmospheric correction
    • r.series: for MODIS (and other) time series analysis including averaging, linear regression etc.
    • r.mapcalc: for vegetation index calculation (Landsat, Aster) and conversion of encoded thermal channel to degree Celsius

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Suggestion to install the Mediawiki Polyglot extension as translation support (see GRASS Wiki for example, left language selection box is automatically created if a translated page is present)

Idea for GY 2010

Please add any ideas and comments for plan of GY 2010

Improve FOSS4G tools

Tutorials for several discipline

Made E-Learning material for basic of GIS/RS