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Coordinate Capture Plugin

The coordinate capture plugin is easy to use and provides the ability to display coordinates on the map canvas for two selected Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS).

図 43: Coordinate Cature Plugin Nix.png
Coordinate capture dialog.png
  1. Start QGIS, select MActionOptions.png Project Properties from the Settings (KDE, Windows) or File (Gnome, OSX) menu and click on the Projection tab. As an alternative you you can also click on the MIconProjectionEnabled.png projector icon in the lower right-hand corner of the statusbar.
  2. Click on the CheckBox.pngEnable on the fly projection checkbox and select a projected coordinate system of your choice (see also Section label_projections).
  3. Load the coordinate capture plugin in the Plugin Manager (see Section sec:load_core_plugin) and ensure that the dialog is visible by going to View > Panels and ensuring that CheckBox.pngCoordinate Capture is enabled. The cordinate capture dialog appears as shown in Figure 43.
  4. Click on the Geographic.png Click to the select the CRS to use for coordinate display icon and select a different CRS from the one you selected above.
  5. To start capturing coordinates, click on Start capture. You can now click anywhere on the map canvas and the plugin will show the coordinates for both of your selected CRS.
  6. To enable mouse coordinate tracking click the Tracking.png mouse tracking icon.
  7. You can also copy selected coordinates to the clipboard.