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Print Composer

The print composer provides growing layout and printing capabilities. It allows you to add elements such as the QGIS map canvas, legend, scalebar, images, and text labels. You can size, group align and position each element and adjust the properties to create your layout. The layout can be printed (also to Postscript and PDF), exported to image formats or to SVG and you can save the layout as template and load it again in another session. See a list of tools in table <A HREF="#tab:printcomposer_tools">4</A>: <P>

Table 4: Print Composer Tools
Icon Purpose Icon Purpose
[width=0.7cm]mActionFolder Load from template [width=0.7cm]mActionFileSaveAs Save as template
[width=0.7cm]mActionExportMapServer Export to an image format [width=0.7cm]mActionSaveAsSVG Export print composition to SVG
[width=0.7cm]mActionFilePrint Print or export as PDF or Postscript [width=0.7cm]mActionZoomFullExtent Zoom to full extend
[width=0.7cm]mActionZoomIn Zoom in [width=0.7cm]mActionZoomOut Zoom out
[width=0.7cm]mActionDraw Refresh view [width=0.7cm]mActionAddRasterLayer Add new map from QGIS map canvas
[width=0.7cm]mActionSaveMapAsImage Add Image to print composition [width=0.7cm]mActionLabel Add label to print composition
[width=0.7cm]mActionAddLegend Add new legend to print composition [width=0.7cm]mActionScaleBar Add new scalebar to print composition
[width=0.7cm]mActionSelectPan Select/Move item in print composition [width=0.7cm]mActionMoveItemContent Move content within an item
[width=0.7cm]mActionGroupItems Group items of print composition [width=0.7cm]mActionUngroupItems Ungroup items of print composition
[width=0.7cm]mActionRaiseItems Raise selected items [width=0.7cm]mActionLowerItems Lower selected items
[width=0.7cm]mActionMoveItemsToTop Move selected items to top [width=0.7cm]mActionMoveItemsToBottom Move selected items to bottom
[width=0.7cm]mActionAlignLeft Align selected items left [width=0.7cm]mActionAlignRight Align selected items right
[width=0.7cm]mActionAlignHCenter Align selected items center [width=0.7cm]mActionAlignVCenter Align selected items center vertical
[width=0.7cm]mActionAlignTop Align selected items top [width=0.7cm]mActionAlignBottom Align selected items bottom

To access the print composer, click on the mActionFilePrintPrint button in the toolbar or choose File > mActionFilePrintPrint Composer. <P>

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